Kilford & Kilford Pty Ltd. Consultants to the Chemical Industry

Phone +61 2 8321 8866, +61 2 8321 8867, +61 2 8321 8868.

Our Office - How to Find Us

Kilford & Kilford Pty Ltd's office is located at 109/166d Glebe Point Road, Glebe NSW 2037, in the old Valhalla theatre that has now been converted to office space.

If you wish to visit us, you can do so here, or by arrangement, at our old premises in Annandale.

There is good parking nearby as well as a nice coffee shop. We are only a few kilometres from Sydney University and the University of Technology, so we are well placed to research most projects that come our way. We are also well equipped with computing equipment and up to date software, communications equipment and reference texts within the office.

Office Hours

Office hours: Monday to Friday; 8.30am to 4.30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time

+61 2 8321 8866 (John)
+61 2 8321 8867 (Alison)
+61 2 8321 8868 (James)

Alison Kilford:
John Kilford: