Kilford & Kilford Pty Ltd. Consultants to the Chemical Industry

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Kilford & Kilford

Kilford & Kilford Pty Ltd is an independent consultancy providing professional services to the Chemical Industry with two principal staff; Alison Kilford and John Kilford.

The main Consultancy activities are (see Services):

Kilford & Kilford has extensive industrial experience in a range of areas and offers fast, personal and accurate assistance at reasonable prices.

Alison Kilford

Alison has a BA(Hons) in Chemistry and an MSc(Hons) in Medicinal Chemistry. Alison has been with multinational manufacturers of Agricultural and Veterinary products, principally in product development and regulatory affairs. She specialises in regulatory affairs; preparing documentation and overseeing all aspects of the registration of agricultural and other chemical products for both Australian and overseas clients. This service includes helping clients with their feasibility studies and the coordination of testing programs.

John Kilford

John has a BSc and an MSc(Hons) in Chemistry and has worked in Australia and overseas in Government and Industry as a Chemist and in Management. John specialises in SDS preparation. He has written many product labels, mostly for non-rural products as part of the regulatory affairs side of the consultacy and undertakes commissioned Chemical Literature research projects.